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The two rucks finally reached the challenge beach where cRaZy was seen waiting for them. Behind him was a big obstacle course, and two massive wooden spheres. “Welcome back guys” cRaZy waved “First off I shall take back immunity.” cRaZy went over to Gobi Tribe, Ronda reluctantly handed I over “Immunity is back up for grabs, time to show off the challenge!”
“What’s with the balls?” asked Oliver.
“Well here’s the challenge” cRaZy began “One castaway will be strapped into a wooden sphere cage and will guide three blindfolded castaways in rolling the cage through a maze through the course. At the end of the maze will be a labyrinth-like table maze. The castaway inside the cage will then have to guide he remaining four blindfolded castaways into solving the table maze. The first tribe to finish the table maze will win Immunity and escape the vote at Tribal Council.”
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 3 24
The Brown truck came cruising back in the headlights were turned off and the car was parked in the small garage next to their shelter. The eight members of the tribe came out mostly with smiles, and cordial conversations.
All but one however was taking part in the comradery.
Brody put his torch alongside everyone else’s torches, and trudged into the shelter while the other seven members sat around the outdoor fire pit.
“Oh, Brody went to bed?” asked Hansel looking for the bartender.
“Yeah, he seemed really bummed out that Hal left.” Said Oliver scratching his head.
“Well…he couldn’t have been blindsided right?” asked Mayuki “I mean…no one can be that oblivious to the obvious right?” she asked.
Everyone just remained quiet before Steph and Penelope both laughed together.
“I think you’re giving the guy too much credit.” Said Steph.
”I received two votes tonight
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 0 4
Waste Rumble by cRaZyMaN9219 Waste Rumble :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 3 2
The Brown Tribe sailed across the desert in their massive truck. Brody had taken the wheel, and was up front with Hal. Both cheering as they drove in the desert together. The truck also carried a third seat on the inside, and wedged between the two was Penelope who looked just about ready to strangle both of them.
“WOOOO! THIS IS AWESOME!” Brody cheered hitting the pedal to the medal.
“Totally dude! Hal laughed sticking his flabby face out the window.
“SLOW DOWN YOU IDIOTS!” Penelope yelled trying to remain seated.
”So unlike most Survivor series where the castaways are told to walk on foot to a destination…,we were given a truck to ride back and forth from challenges.” Penelope groaned “And for some reason Brody was the one who wanted to drive the truck first, and I said I’d read the map for him….I wish I changed my mind.” She groaned.
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 0 15
The sun beamed down with an unrelenting fury.
The land was hot....very hot.....
There it was dust, and dirt mounds. Cactus and bushes that could only survive in the wilderness. Vast amounts of mountains and hills were present as well as sinkholes, and giant canyons. However there was still one sign of life....a Long River that was going down the way. Water rushing healthily downstream. It was of the only things alive out there....
There in the distance was a massive dirt cloud! It was huge, and it was coming in fast! There in the front was a vehicle! A bright green buggie that was driving at blinding speeds! It was leaping over dunes, and hills as it's motor roared.
The driver was wearing goggles, and a Scarf over his face his fingerless gloves gripped his steering wheel as he drove far into by the river. He then took the wheel and turned it Sqealing the car to a stop right before the river. It was a brilliant turn as the driver sat there f
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 0 18
cRaZy was in bed…..face first in a pillow without a shirt on, and hanging over the edge of the bed. Snoring loudly…
“SNORE* He was having a wonderful dream of Emma Watson, and Scarlett Johansson…..
A loud noise erupts from outside his room. The young green haired youth flops off his bed into a heap!
“C-Coming!” cRaZy, wobbles over to the door with corduroy lines from the mattress on his face.
I’M COMING!” cRaZy shouts and opens the door, there before him stands a super tall blue sweater wearing young man with light brown hair. He had his arms crossed and was tapping his foot on the ground waiting for cRaZy.
“Took ya long enough,” said the young man.
“Wha?” cRaZy said squinting his eyes “Who?”
“It’s me Minty!” the young man said.
“Minty?” cRaZy asked
“Were you dreaming about Emma Watson and Scarlett Johansson again?”
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 3 20
EA: LEC - cRaZy vs Khall
cRaZy vs Khall
The roar of the crowd was loud, and boisterous!
The 10,000 plus men women, and children were all there for one reason, and one reason only….for a battle!
The Announcer came into the center of the ring sporting a massive Johnny Bravo esque haircut. He tapped the microphone, and announce in a very professional manner!
“LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUMBLLLLLE!!!!!!!” he blasted into the microphone. The cheering crowds were in an uproar of excitement everyone’s eyes glued to the ring.
“Let us bring out our combatants!” All the lights went out but one spotlight showed in a particular corner with a red band on it “In the red Corner, weighing in at one purple cloak, the knife wielding master of disaster the luckiest ninja in the history of ninja’s whose only reason for being here is because he the heck…needed a day off!?….Er…really is that what it says?” he glares at one of the members at the desk in
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 1 4
And Many Happy Returns by cRaZyMaN9219 And Many Happy Returns :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 11 21 S21!!!! by cRaZyMaN9219 S21!!!! :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 2 12 Survivor 32 Edgic by cRaZyMaN9219 Survivor 32 Edgic :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 3 14 Survivor: Season Rankings (Kaoh Rong UPDATE!!!!!) by cRaZyMaN9219 Survivor: Season Rankings (Kaoh Rong UPDATE!!!!!) :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 1 41 SFC14 Vote Chart by cRaZyMaN9219 SFC14 Vote Chart :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 1 0
The sun rises…..
“Would you just look where we are right now?”
Desert vast sands, and large mountains in the distance, the land  is hot, and covered in dirt.
“I mean….look all around what do you see…”
The shot opens, and t shows several people standing around, getting ready to begin what looks like a challenge.
Jump cuts to multiple people gazing foreword sweat dripping from their brows, and eyes focused ahead, some of their lips are cracked.
The people run forward and leap underneath some kind of net where they collide, and smack into one another kicking up dirt everywhere. Screaming as they do so.
The players haphazardly come out of the other ends helping one another calling each others names for help as they struggle to get through the crawl space.
“I mean just look at it, i
:iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 2 10
SFC1 Vote Chart by cRaZyMaN9219 SFC1 Vote Chart :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 2 0 SCH2 Vote Chart by cRaZyMaN9219 SCH2 Vote Chart :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 1 0 Survivor Central Hub Vote Chart by cRaZyMaN9219 Survivor Central Hub Vote Chart :iconcrazyman9219:cRaZyMaN9219 0 0

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summer summer summer time by VanHeist summer summer summer time :iconvanheist:VanHeist 772 150 word of the counselor by VanHeist word of the counselor :iconvanheist:VanHeist 458 98 kaiju come awakey by VanHeist kaiju come awakey :iconvanheist:VanHeist 1,553 243
DT: Casper - A Spirited Beginning ~ 1997 PT 1
Director: Sean McNamara
Rating: PG
My rating: :star::star::star-empty::star-empty::star-empty:
Part 2 -

The bats are flying…. The witches are about…. And another entry in the Horrendously Horrific Hallowe’en of Horrendous Horror: The Fifth Beckoning is upon us… :evillaugh:
I know that the last entry in this lexicon of terror was rather horrifying for the wrong reasons, but I think after that piece of horror, we need something to relieve from it…. So, what better way to ease the pain than watching a film that I watched quite a lot as a child, the 1995 film Casper. :love: This is a film that I haven’t watched in AGES – I really enjoyed watching it as a child, and as an adult watching it again a few years later following the Nostalgia Critic review of it, I still found myself liking it quite a bit. I found it funny, the acting was good, the CGI was amazing for the time, and even nowadays I think the CGI is still impressiv
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Espeon by foxlett Espeon :iconfoxlett:foxlett 1,431 67 Up to My Dreams by ANWARIKA-GFX Up to My Dreams :iconanwarika-gfx:ANWARIKA-GFX 178 12 BBB - XMas Horror Story vs Krampus by EuJoyuen BBB - XMas Horror Story vs Krampus :iconeujoyuen:EuJoyuen 10 1 BBB - The Boy by EuJoyuen BBB - The Boy :iconeujoyuen:EuJoyuen 13 3
Halloween Special Prelude: Luigi vs Giratina

Tendo: Y'know, I think we brought this prelude too late compared to the other ones.
Tempo: Eh, more or less. But anyways, it's time for a Halloween Special! Darken the lights, get your costumes ready, and then go door to door to random strangers houses. Definitely safe.
Tendo: But now, we bring a ghost hunter vs ghost fight. Except just not the normal ghost buster you expect. Luigi, the brother of Mario!
Tempo: Wow, guy can't even get his own introduction. Anyways, Giratina, the Renegade Pokemon. He's Tendo, and I'm Tempo.
Tendo: And it's our job to analyze fighters to see who would win in a Death Battle! ..And we forgot our Halloween costumes.
Tempo: To the costume store--
Tendo: Tempo, you can't just leave at the start of the prelude! Wait, come back!
Age: 26
Height: 5'5"
Weight: Unknown
Occupation: One of the two Mario Brothers, ghost busting King Boo, rescuing Princess
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 11 14
Heroic Fantasy by PascalCampion Heroic Fantasy :iconpascalcampion:PascalCampion 1,418 38 It's Raining Somewhere... by Trelock It's Raining Somewhere... :icontrelock:Trelock 203 69 Iggy by xNIR0x Iggy :iconxnir0x:xNIR0x 410 20 :: Charon the Ferryman :: by Sangrde :: Charon the Ferryman :: :iconsangrde:Sangrde 991 25
Out of the Depths: Monster Prelude

Scorpio: I think its safe to say the Ocean's fucked at this point.
Arachnid: Ever since we've dared to explore the gloomy waters of the Ocean, we've always wondered what beings live in our uncharted oceans, whether it be radioactive-powered colossi, gigantic marine life or even aliens from Nebula far beyond our Solar System the ocean is home to presumably any of those things theoretically. However when it comes to true Titans of the Seas these ones take the cake by miles.
Scorpio: And don't think we mean that metaphorically for we mean it literally. The Kraken, no real introduction needed.
Aracnhid: And Cthulhu, The Beast which took the new meaning to the phrase "Madness Incarnate". To assure both combatants are on even relatively even playing fields we're including what is fair for each combatant like The Kraken's composite appearance whilst Cthulhu is set in his original incarnation.
Scorpio: Nothing more like some good old-fashio
:iconarachnid-le-spider:Arachnid-le-Spider 19 32
halcyon boy by VanHeist halcyon boy :iconvanheist:VanHeist 1,834 581 This Woman's Work by VanHeist This Woman's Work :iconvanheist:VanHeist 1,077 109


So yeah I'm having a difficult time at school atm. Trying to balance real life and writing is tough.

Anyway, no I haven't forgotten my Fanfic. I simply have to prioritize at the moment. Episode 3 will be up whenever I can get it up.

Sorry for the delays guys.

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